representation of following companies:

Chemviron Carbon Belgium/USA activated carbon,
Evers Germany
anthracite, activated coal, and other filter materials

Dear customers:

Jako Ltd. is a Czech trade and distribution company working in fields of water treatment, industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry, and environment. We are representing following companies in the territory of Czech Republic and Slovakia:

Chemviron Carbon, European operation of American Calgon Carbon Corporation, is a producer of activated carbon and other purification technologies. The company is a global leader in the production, supply, and design of products, services, and technologies for making air and water cleaner and safer. The company produces ca 100,000 MT of activated carbon annually and employs approximately 1,100 people at 12 facilities and 12 sales and service centers.

Recently the company has developed some new technologies: non-impregnated activated carbon Centaur with dramatically increased catalytic power offering an exciting and superior alternative to impregnated activated carbons; activated charcoal cloth (ACC) containing 100% carbon; advanced separation technologies (AST), continuous process purification and separation, and others.

Powder activated carbons Pulsorb and granulated activated carbons FILTRASORB, Carbsorb (AQ), and GWX are used for potable water treatment. Filtrasorb 100 and 200 are used for dechlorination, ozon/chlordioxid removal, and taste & odor removal. Filtrasorb 300, 400, AQ-30 and AQ-40 are used for pro organics removal and after ozon/chlordioxid, AQ-38 a Filtrasorb TL 830 for sand filter conversion.

Granular activated carbon can be reactivated after exhaustion its adsorption properties at reactivation center. A reactivation is usually less expensive than the virgin carbon.

Centaur, a non-impregnated activated carbon, is used for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal for odour control in sewage works, chloramine removal in swimming pool treatment, sulfur dioxide (SO2) removal from concentrated flue gases, and organic synthesis.

Evers, German producer of anthracite Everzit N, aktivated coke Filterkohle H, dolomitic filter material Everzit Dol, calcium carbonate Everzit Carbonate, granular iron hydroxide Everzit As for Arsenic removal, mixed oxide Everzit Mn for removal of  solved iron and manganese

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